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Case Study
Environmental Photographer of the Year Competition
Online Judging

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CIWEM Epoty Case Study

Initial Problem

The success of the CIWEM Environmental Photographer of the Year competition has, year on year, put growing demands on the CIWEM staff, in terms of managing the increasing number of entries and organising the entry judging. Entries were received by email with images attached, each of which had to be stored, verified and categorised. Copies were then compiled on CD for Judges to view and score. Image file names had to be changed to ensure that the entries remained anonymous to the judges.

How the Helix Team Helped

Helix created upload controls and entry detail forms so that uploaded images were automatically sized and stored in a database. A system of online light boxes were developed that could be viewed only by authorised judges. The judges are able to select preferred images and add these to their own short listed light boxes for further review and final selection.

CIWEM have administration access to the excel reports with the details of the finalists.

Successful Outcome

This year CIWEM have received a record number of entries and the online management and judging of the competition has proved a great success.

We have enjoyed working with CIWEM on this project and congratulate this year's finalists on their outstanding photographs.

Visit the CIWEM site to view previous winners at: http://www.ciwem.org/competition-and-awards/environmental-photographer.aspx

Visit the Daily Telegraph site for this years finalists : http://www.telegraph.co.uk/earth/earthpicturegalleries/8020185/CIWEM-Environmental-Photographer-of-the-Year-2010-award-winners.html