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Keywords and guidelines

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Helix SEO Top Tips

Placing keywords and phrases in strategic locations in web pages greatly improves the chances of the page being listed in search engine results. Content layout including headings, sub headings, emboldened text and hyper links also improve the search engines ability to understand what is important in the content.

Each page of a website can be considered independently when optimising for search engines. Therefore the keywords and phrases chosen should be different for each page.

SEO keywords and phrases

Established sites have often gained a good ranking for the main keywords used in the site content and this normally reflects the site subject matter. If this is the case then it is important to maintain this hard won position by keeping the current keyword use in the appropriate page content. However a new opportunity arises to broaden the search terms used to reach the site. Extending keywords to key phrases can help in increasing traffic and helping visitors to find your site.

The following steps can help to identify keywords and phrases for a page:

  • Compile a list of broadest term keywords appropriate for a specific web page i.e. Engineering, International etc.
  • If the page is established, review page ranking for these keywords
  • Compile a list of extended term keywords and phrases i.e. registered engineer, international engineering bodies etc.
  • If the page is established, review page ranking for these keywords and phrases
  • Review current keyword density and positioning of both sets of keywords and phrases within the page.
  • Visit competitor / Similar sites to compare

Ranking and SEO tools

There are numerous free tools available on the internet to help with these tasks. We have included a few in the Links and Resources section of this page.

Position of keywords in content

To improve search engine ranking increase the frequency (density) of use of the chosen keywords and phrases in the page. Specifically use keywords and phrases in the following locations:

  • Headings (h1 tags)

  • Sub headings (h2 tags)

  • Internal page links

  • Image alt tags

  • In the first content paragraph

  • In the last content paragraph

  • embolden keywords and phrases in content

Additional insertion of keywords and phrases is required within the page layout. This work should be carried out by a web page editor. These locations include:

  • Page Title

  • Keywords Meta tag

  • Description Meta tag

  • Page URL


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