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A website is only a success if you are able to drive visitors to it; you need to constantly create new and unique ways to do this.

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Proprietary Resources

When we are designing our website and gathering together all the marketing messages and Company information that needs to be included on the site, it is very easy to neglect one of our most valuable assets - our proprietary resources and information.

There will be certain intelligence that only you can supply, and if you can inform visitors that it is available on your website then your traffic will increase.

Examples of proprietary resource are:

  • Product Intelligence
  • Technical Standards
  • Financial Information
  • Research & Development
  • Manufacturing Information

It is usual to want to retain control over this hard earned resource, and it is common for there to be a level of confidentiality given to a document or information by the organisation, meaning that they wish to limit who can view it or know about its contents

How Helix can Help

  • Document Library: Helix can integrate your valuable resources within your website creating a document and image library.
    The library will be organised into folders, to group documents in logical locations that relate to page content.
  • Confidentiality: The Umbraco CMS has powerful members management features included within the standard installation. These features cater for the typical functions of Member registration, Login, Password recovery, Password change and restricted access to web pages and documents.
    A site administrator can designate selected pages and folders of the site as members only and restrict access to members of a specific group.
    Members accounts can be created in the member's management section of the site and each member can be assign to one or more groups.

Proprietary resource case study:

A great example of an organisation using their proprietary resource to boost their website success is The Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers (IGEM).

IGEM have a section on their website where Gas Industry Technical Standards can be purchased. These standards are specific to the Gas Industry and only available through IGEM. By making the standards available IGEM are driving visitors to their website. Once visitors have accessed the Technical Standards site, IGEM can encourage them to move around their site by adding useful links, news items and events.

Find out more about the  IGEM website


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