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A mobile site is no longer a luxury.

I won't lie - This is a marketing email..

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It is predicted that by next year, more people will use mobile phones that pc's to get online - A mobile site is no longer a luxury.

Just because a client or member can search on the internet on their mobile device for your website it does not mean that your site is compatible for mobile use.

If your website has not been made 'mobile friendly', it will certainly be near impossible to read or navigate around the site. Check out Google's great site to see what your website will look like on a mobile device

Two main options for creating a mobile version of your website:

  1. Native or Web App - A software version of your website written specifically for use on mobile devices. Must be downloaded onto users mobile.
  2. Responsive Website - uses your current website url and selected content.Site is customised to be responsive to mobile devices and can adapt for easy viewing and navigation.

There are clear benefits and cost differentials to each option, and these need to be examined carefully before coming to a decision.


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