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Email is the preferred method of commercial communication by 74% of all online adults (*Emailstatcentre.com)

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Email newsletters

88% of B2C firms currently use e-mail marketing*, this means that it has never been more important to ensure that your email newsletter carries a message that your members, customers and most importantly prospects want to open when it lands in their inbox.

Using an integrated solution you can utilise the news, events and marketing messages already set up within your website to form the content of your newsletter, and drive traffic back to your website as a result...

Integrating your newsletter into your website has never made more sense. With your website containing the most up to date news, events and marketing information that your organisation has to offer it is the perfect place to start when creating you newsletter content.

5 Helix tips for Newsletter content:

  1. Make it snappy - Newsletter content should be a teaser to lead people to your website, give them a taste of more to come.
  2. Link, link, link - Creating links is good for driving visitors to the pages in your website that you want to promote, perhaps an upcoming event.
  3. Don't overdo the graphics - Remember that no-one will see these unless they 'Click here to download pictures' make your space count.
  4. Make it current - Don't get consigned to 'junk' because your content is boring or old news, engage your readers with up to the minute topics.
  5. Inform - Give your Newsletters something they cant get anywhere else, and make them want to keep reading.

How Helix can help

Helix have developed a Email Marketing package that can easily be added to your website. The package can handle the creation of Newsletters and Emails within the Umbraco administration system and automatically distribute the finished Newsletter to your clients mailing list.

We use a 3rd party email marketing provider for the distribution of the emails to your mailing list. This is a cost effective and reliable method of handling Email Marketing and includes many reporting and management features, all without the need to build a custom solution. Ongoing use and management of Email Newsletter mailings will be by the client utilising the control panel provided by the 3rd party Email Marketing provider.

Newsletter subscription

Helix will add a Newsletter subscription component to the current site in order to collect new subscribers. These will automatically be added to your mailing list.

Newsletter template

Helix will create a compatible Newsletter template. This template will provide the framework for the client provided content. Care will be taken to ensure the template design meets current guidelines to ensure the widest compatibility with Email clients used by subscribers.

Mail lists

Helix will migrate client subscriber information to the 3rd party service in order to create the initial mailing lists to be used for the Newsletter distribution.

Case study 1 - SMF

Sainsburys Management Fellows (SMF) have an extranet site within their website for the membership and wanted to be able to communicate key information and events from the site to their members via email.

Helix set up the integrated email newsletter package within the SMF website, and the members now receive a monthly email newsletter containing important dates and news items. The newsletters are also published to the website for non members information. SMF are able to manage the Newsletter themselves with the backup of the Helix support team.

To find out more about the  SMF website click here

Case Study 2 - CIWEM

CIWEM have an integrated jobs directory on their website, developed by Helix. They asked us to create a newsletter to email out the current jobs to their members on a regular basis.

Helix has integrated the email newsletter package into the CIWEM website, CIWEM are now able to manage their own Jobs newsletter to include upto date information from the jobs directory on the website and distribute it to their members on a monthly basis.

To find out more about the CIWEM website click here



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