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IchemE Case Study

Initial Problem

IChemE's current membership system required that membership forms are submitted via post. These forms are difficult to process and needed to be fully entered into the institutions database after they are successfully submitted. IChemE also wanted more data on their users who considered submitting but didn't post their applications to see if they could increase memberships. Each membership had different costs depending on the member's background and location.

How the Helix Team Helped

Helix developed the SEAF online application for a number of institutions that allowed members to fill out their applications online and upload documents and images to support their membership.

IChemE specifically commissioned us to customise the system in a number of unique ways. We created a membership wizard that chose the correct grade and price for that member based on their responses to a series of questions. Working with IChemE's IT team, we created a Web Service to allow their database to interface with the application and automatically save records onto their membership database.

Successful Outcome

The online system has been running for over a year now and has allowed IChemE to collect hundreds of applications. They have been able to use the data obtained from incomplete applications to contact users and help them complete the process, increasing the number of applications per year.

IChemE have since commissioned us to further expand their membership forms to include a discount code system that can be applied to different grades and time periods.

Visit IChemE's online membership process at:


Cibse Quick Join Case Study

Initial Problem

CIBSE wanted to reduce the amount of time taken to process their membership applications. Membership forms were submitted on paper via post and this sometimes led to messy, incomplete or incorrect data on the forms. If an error was found on the form, the member needed to be contacted and often had to resend the form again. Once the form has been received, the members details had to be input manually into CIBSE's membership database.

How the Helix Team Helped

Helix had already created the SEAF online application form to enable institutions to fill out their forms online. This enabled users to partially fill out a form and come back to it later or to resubmit the form if more information was needed.

Helix successfully interfaced the application process with CIBSE's own database. Once the application was successfully completed, the CIBSE database was automatically updated with the new members data.  If the user already existed on the database when the member starts their application, the application form was populated with the data already known about the member to save time.

Successful Outcome

Since implementing the system, the numbers of online applications are increasing daily. CIBSE have asked us to further expand the system to allow members access to their knowledge portal site once registered.

They have also commissioned us to create a shorter version of their membership process allowing members to register and pay in under 5 minutes.

Register online for affiliate membership at CIBSE: http://www.cibse.org/index.cfm?go=page.view&item=419

Join CIBSE via their new quick join portal:



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