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Website management
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How much will a new website cost?

You can pay between £250 and £50,000 for a new website. As with any purchase you get what you pay for. So before comissioning your new website, decide on what the key functionality for your organisation is, then develop a specification that you can send to suppliers to provide quotes from.

A £250 website, will be of a fairly standard design, contain between 2-6 pages with a home page and content form. It is unlikely that you will be able to update or add greater functionality to this type of site.

Once the cost begins to increase, so do your options. A website which includes; a CMS, 10+ pages, social networking, document & image library will cost you within the region of £5,000

Added functionality such as ecommerce, integration with membership databases, online application and CPD will significantly add to the cost of your site.

What should I include in a new website specification?

Your website specification document should include 'essentials and desirables'. Put simply it should be a list of the core functionality that you must have in order to develop your site - the essentials, this forms the basis of a proposal document and your minimum cost.

Then a 'wish list' of items or 'desirables'. these can be added at the time of development or at alter date, depending on time and budget restrictions. It is important that you understand the cost of these itmes at the outset in oredr to include them in your planning.

Do I need a content management system CMS?




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